What Does Your Healthy Look Like?

By Essential Oil Friend
In April 24, 2017
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When you dream about what your healthy looks like what image comes to mind? Our definition of healthy has changed with time. There used to be a model standard that all women should look the same until the United States came into existence. LOL!!

What Does Your Healthy Look Like?

Size, does it matter?

Here in the good ole US of A, you will find every shape, culture, race and figure. I remember going to Greece a couple of years ago and everywhere we went people stopped us and asked us if we were American celebrities. I knew better than to get excited. I am NOT a big girl but oh man over there I looked it. I wore a size large in their boutiques. Crazy for me because here I am considered average, wearing a small – medium in mostly everything, except skinny jeans! 😉

Steps to finding your healthy

Identifying your version of healthy is quite simple even without a “model” image to compare to. Start with your top three health goals. Find natural ways to change them from the goal side to the accomplished side.  I give myself 3 goals and then I map out a 90-day plan to achieve them. Once the 90 days is up I take note as to whether the goal has been met or if I need to add it to the next 90-day plan.

Start small

When you start small the goals get accomplished with ease. It’s when you go crazy big that you lose your way. My best advice is to start small and every 90 days take a self-evaluation and go from there. I consider myself to be healthy.  Not because I am exactly where I want to be but because I am taking the consistent steps to get there.

If you are ready to get started on your 90-day personalized wellness plan please feel free to contact me. I would love to mentor you through the process. Feeling amazing and loving who you are is a great start to finding the healthiest version of you.

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