Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by. My name is Kristina Pleasant, I am a wife and mother of 3.  My husband, Brian and I have been married for 15 years but best friends since high school. 2 years after we were married we welcomed our daughter Kilee into the world and what an amazing blessing she has been.  We started trying for baby number 2 when she was 3 1/2 but nothing happened. After being told I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant without the assistance of IVF (due to a female reproductive disorder) I left it in God’s hands. 4 years later Brian, Kilee and myself welcomed twin boys into our family!! He’s a GOOD GOOD Father! We absolutely adore our little guys who just celebrated their 5th birthday!

My boys were born and that’s when my journey began.  My smaller baby of the two wasn’t reaching his milestones on time and he wasn’t gaining weight at the rate of his twin brother. I was nursing both of them but also pumping for my little guy. He still was small to his doctors so in the hospital we go. After so many test and labs he was labeled with a neurological disorder. His doctors and therapist recommended more testing and medication to help with all of his issues but something inside me refused. I prayed, cried and repeated this numerous times. Finally….I got invited to an essential oils class and my story took a turn for the better.

2014 – 3 years

Evexia is Greek for wellness, which is exactly why I chose essential oils for myself and my family’s overall wellness!


I was introduced to essential oils in September of 2014, just 3 weeks before leaving to Greece.  After receiving my kit I immediately began using the oils on my son consistently. Because I was heading out of the country I taught my mom how to use the oils on my children while I was away.  While I was in Greece my son who could not walk without the assistance of his gait trainer began RUNNING around my kitchen island. My trip was just about ruined and I needed to see my baby boy as soon as possible. Upon arriving home I witnessed for myself my son run to me!

2016 – 5 years

Since then I’ve been sharing my experiences with anyone looking for a natural alternative.  My team #TeamEVEXIA has been in full throttle and continues to grow. The oil family truly loves and supports each of their teammates and I aim to do the same.  I enjoy using, sharing and teaching others all the benefits of the oils so if you are interested please contact me! I would be more than happy to help you on your path to achieving your overall wellness, naturally!

XOXO -Kristina